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Firewalls: Protection You Need

February 8, 2018

A few years ago, there was a statistic floating around the internet about how quickly hackers could find unprotected computers. That number, between 6-10 minutes, was used to scare individuals into using firewalls and other security tools. Today, the time it takes hackers to find unsecured businesses isn’t all that different. Hackers can still detect […]

What Every Business Should Know About Phishing

February 1, 2018

Phishing is an attack where threat actors try to use social engineering to send spam emails that look like they come from legitimate sources. The messages are designed to entice recipients to click through a link to a fake website or download an official-looking file that carries a malware payload. Once executed, the recipient is […]

Strategic Business Initiatives Should Drive IT Decisions

January 25, 2018

There’s a misconception that SMBs don’t need to invest in IT because they have smaller budgets and fewer IT-focused employees. Many place IT at the bottom of the budget because they mistakenly believe the company can’t benefit from IT investments. In today’s competitive business climate, that’s a misconception that can cripple a business. When approached […]

Are You an IT Savvy CEO? Six Ways to Leverage IT and Grow Your Business

January 18, 2018

Headlines about IT nightmares affecting large companies are more common than ever, leaving CEOs and business leaders asking the same question: “What happened?” For many CEOs, their IT infrastructure is a murky and complicated environment understood only by a handful of people. Unfortunately, IT departments are generally uninvolved and excluded in major business decisions, consulted […]

Track Your Ticket Now Available

January 9, 2018

Have you ever tracked a shipment with FedEx or UPS? Shouldn’t tracking your service requests be just as easy? We think so. Meet our new service, Track Your Ticket. With Track Your Ticket, you now have the comfort of being able to check the status of your service request anytime, from any device. You can […]

Business Continuity and Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements for SMBs in Middle TN

November 8, 2017

Natural disasters and cybersecurity attacks seem to be the leading headlines in news almost every day. There’s been a lot going on. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma battered numerous communities while ransomware like Wanncry and NotPetya have damaged companies from the inside out.  And the effects of that damage are being felt far outside the actual […]

Cloud Services Backups: 8 Reasons SMBs Should Backup Cloud Data

November 7, 2017

Cloud services are the answer to everything, right? You can scale your applications and technology without having to make hardware investments and someone else oversees the maintenance and updates for those services. These services are exactly the right solution. Until something goes wrong. One common misconception is that because a service is in the cloud, […]

What is Shadow IT and What Should You Do About It?

November 3, 2017

Meet Diane. She’s one of six project managers with a regional architecture firm that employs 56 people. The firm caters to about 300 customers in a two-state area, which means Diane’s plate is full. She’s juggling 10-20 active projects at any given time and usually has a dozen or more that are in the planning […]

Are Your IT Priorities Realistic? Five Ways to Align IT Priorities with Business Strategy

November 2, 2017

Implementing any element of an IT infrastructure could be called an adventure, but you’ll most likely hear it referred to as a headache. That’s because often IT implementations don’t follow the course originally outlined. The scope of the project changes, the budget inflates, and the end results are not what you expected. The problem could […]

The Current SMB Security Threatscape

October 31, 2017

A discrepancy exists between the current security threatscape for SMBs and awareness of the threats encompassed in that landscape. A total of 14 million SMBs were victims of cyberattacks in 2016, but only 2 percent of these organizations listed cybersecurity as a critical issue. And only 37 percent of those who responded to Webroot’s 2015 […]

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