The Facts

It always surprises us that other companies who specialize in information technology, never seem to give you any information. We’re proud of our record in managed IT services and more than happy to give you the facts behind our success.

Client devices currently managed
Our project estimates are 97% accurate so you stay on budget
Professional licenses & certifications held by our engineers
Automated fixes deployed in the last 12 months

A True IT Department

With Advanced Network Solutions, you don’t get an “IT guy,” you get a team. One that holds 200+ certifications and is well equipped to propel your business forward. Our team mirrors enterprise-level IT departments and we provide this level of support to small and medium sized businesses.

Better Value

Get more for your IT dollars than you thought possible. And get it all at a fixed cost you can depend on.

36% less expensive annually than adding one internal IT Professional
Our initial service quotes are 99.98% accurate. What does that mean for your business? No overages. No fluctuations.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Every Managed Services client receives a dedicated vCIO for their business. This strategic expert understands your business model and proactively plans top-down initiatives critical for your success. Just ask how our experienced and highly-certified vCIOs will be a game-changer for your company.

Things You Should Ask Yourself

Are the fixed costs from Advanced Network Solutions really better than paying for the break-fix model of my current MSP?

Over and over we’ve been told of MSPs looking at the bottom line and drumming up extra work at the end of the month to increase revenue. Just look at those ugly, erratic spikes in your bill. There’s none of that with Advanced Network Solutions managed services. Our proposals are 99.98% accurate (we’re not perfect), so you’ll know exactly where your IT dollars are going and exactly how each dollar is spent.

Should I consider changing from my current MSP?

In our experience, the number one reason why clients switch from their MSP is the fact that stuff simply isn’t getting done. Issues sit. Phone calls aren’t returned promptly. Etc. With almost two decades in the MSP industry, we’ve learned to instill the processes and build the team necessary to eliminate these types of things from happening. From things not getting done to things getting done is usually pretty worth it.

Outsourcing my IT seems costly. Is it?

When you compare the average cost for one internal IT professional to the average costs of Advanced Network Solutions’ team of engineers, you’ll notice that we’re 36% cheaper. IT isn’t free, but with us you will get a lot more value out of your IT dollars. From proactive monitoring to vendor management, we can offer an enormous return to your productivity and are an enabling partner in our client’s growth.

I’m getting by. Is the health of my aged IT systems really affecting my company’s performance?

The average medium sized business loses 1 million annually due to information and communication technology downtime1. So that’s one thing to consider. On the flipside, we’ve seen a decrease in inbound calls of over 20% once critical projects are complete. 20%, in our opinion, is a big swing in your staff’s productivity and to your bottom line.

I hear about the security breaches for this and that company, but what are the chances that happens to my company?

ITBusinessEdge recently cited a report from the Ponemon Institute that 76% of organizations in both the public and private sector have experienced a security breach in the last two years2. The real question is, do you know if you already had a security breach?

I need to find out more. What should I do next?

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