Advanced Network Solutions has served a wide variety of industries with expert Managed IT Services.According to, the average person spends 444 minutes each day engaging technology, with the vast majority of that time occurring at work. The question is how much of that time is spent cycling through IT issues?

From new software to bugs to slo-o-o-o-w-w-w-w load times, the health of your IT plays a major role in how you spend that 7.4 hours a day ponied up to your computer screen . . . And depending on how many of these issues you’re experiencing in your work-life, it could be costing your company real money.

A 2016 study by IHS that included 400 organizations indicated that information and communication technology downtime is costing businesses $700 billion per year in North America alone. The study continues that this translates to 1 million in losses annually for typical medium-sized firms and an astounding total of 27 hours of downtime per employee per month.

Can this be correct? 27 hours of downtime per employee? When you take these two data points together, employees are experiencing losing 10-12% of their time with tech. That’s a mind blowing statistic.

Downtime Adds Up

We’ve all seen it before. The boardroom where meetings start 10 minutes late every time because of a laptop issue. The inevitable computer slowdown due to malware. Or the truly frustrating impassable issue that requires a phone call or tracking down some internal IT resource to fix.

Taking all these things together, you can see pretty quickly how you get to a little over 3 days worth of downtime per month. Of course, inefficiencies are going to happen. But, technology inefficiencies often prove truly damaging due to how reliant each of us are on tech to actually do work.

At Advanced Network Solutions, we’ve seen the impact of aging or unhealthy technology on the productivity (or lack thereof) for a number of our clients. On the flip-side, we’ve also seen the impact of what new technology can do for the health of a business.

Just recently, we finished a project for a new client that focused on updating several critical hardware and software components. These particular items were tools the staff used daily to accomplish their given tasks. The fact that they were not working properly was a huge drain on the efficiency of their business. Following the completion of this single project, we received a 22% decrease in inbound calls. That’s over 20% less work stoppages per month, freeing up resources to progress their business and move the ball forward.

You cannot escape the fact that our workplaces are now hyper-technological environments. Basically everything we do is technology dependent. The question is: Are you going to let the technology slow you down or propel you ahead? When you look at the facts, there’s only one way to answer that question.

If you’re considering the health of your business’s technology, contact Advanced Network Solutions today for a free technology assessment at When it’s free and means this much to the efficiency of your business, there’s simply no reason not to.