Each month we like to catch everyone up on the latest developments in the tech world. However, this month instead of looking back on December, we’d like to look forward to the most anticipated tech coming in 2017 and evaluate some ongoing trends. So, let’s see what’s coming…





Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Every year there are new gadgets that alter the way we work and play. 2017 will be no different. At the top of our list of anticipated gadgets is the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. After being a no-show in 2016, we are expecting big things from the Surface Pro in 2017. Many speculate that the new model will feature 4K Ultra HD Screen and an updated Surface pen functionality.


Dell Canvas

Microsoft’s Surface Studio was easily the biggest leap in computer innovation in 2016. Now, right on the heels of the Surface Studio comes Dell’s Canvas – a 27 inch touch screen that works as your all in one keyboard, trackpad, mouse and touch screen. There’s one catch. Unlike the Surface Studio, the Canvas is meant to work with a separate computer screen and simply sit in front of your computer as your keyboard does now. It will be interesting to see how this one appeals to the market.


iPhone 8

Speculation is rampant that the iPhone 8 is going to be a significant leap forward. This new iteration is said to be an all-glass design, have no home button and feature all new screen sizes. Plus, there have been some rumors that built-in augmented reality will feature as well.



Security Trends:


Hackers Getting Smarter

According to Intel Security, formerly McAfee, there were 707 million cybersecurity breaches in 2015 and 554 million in just the first half of 2016. Those closest to the situation believe that threats are continuously rising due to smarter hackers using artificial intelligence to stimulate the amount of annual attacks. As businesses rely more heavily on technology as a core function of their business, the need for protection will continue to increase.


Healthcare Security

A new Healthcare IT survey concluded that cybersecurity is the number one priority for 2017. Joe Fisne, associate chief information officer at Geisinger Health System was quoted as saying, “We are in an age where technology has extended so far into the realm of healthcare that it has become one of the most critical things, so the heightened need for security follows . . .”3



Banking Security

Along with expected increases in interest rates, Banks are faced with a few near-certainties in the realm of technology. Namely, Deloitte’s 2017 Banking & Securities Outlook states, “Cloud-based platforms, robotic process automation, and cognitive technologies are expected to be top priorities, along with a push to replace aging core systems.4



Business Efficiency Trends



There is nothing new under the sun here. Automation has been a key goal for business efficiency for a number of years. However, the predicted shift moving forward is from utilizing scripts to a format where IT administrators are able to automatically place workloads where needed across multiple systems.



Effectively using data is crucial. To do so most efficiently, organizations need to have core metrics on display and readily accessible. Trend watchers believe that capitalizing on dig data via dashboards is going to be a continued trend as businesses seek out opportunities to leverage insights and closely monitor those items that are most crucial to their internal operations.