Turn to a managed IT service provider to improve technology for differentiation.Managed IT Services is one of the fastest growing technology sectors of the year. According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets Research, the managed IT service provider (MSP) market  is growing at about 11 percent per year and is expected to be over $242 billion by 2020.

The drivers for this increase include Big Data and the constantly changing nature of the technology industry. For small businesses, that means either struggling to keep up with the market or turning to a provider who understands your business and can provide the services you need.

MSPs Provide Access to Cutting Edge Technologies

Over half of the world’s businesses are SMBs. To remain in business, these small companies need to compete with more than just the products or services they offer. Technology is a key differentiator. For example, a small business that sells gas appliances can partner with an MSP who provides a service desk solution. Then, if customers encounter problems or have questions as they’re installing an appliance, the call center is available 24/7/365, and the business need not worry about how to raise the capital to add a new service department.

Small businesses also struggle to keep up with the latest technology advances. Even SMBs that have an IT department fight to stay ahead of patches, upgrades, and advancements. Managed IT services eliminate that challenge by providing well-designed programs for the entire IT lifecycle. And when it’s time to upgrade the system, the MSP handles not only all the heavy lifting for the upgrade, but also the bulk of the cost. The SMB gains more than just the upgrade. The MSP’s efforts free the SMB’s IT team to so they can spend time working on strategic initiatives.

MSP Provide Professional Services

Those are just a couple of examples of how an MSP gives you a competitive advantage. Managed IT service providers also give your company access to knowledge and professional services you couldn’t otherwise afford. This includes specialized knowledge necessary for a specific industry (e.g. the banking industry, where compliance knowledge could mean the difference between success and being fined out of business) or specialized certifications.

The cost of hiring professionals with this specialized knowledge is prohibitive for many SMBs. MSPs spread that cost across their client base, which means you get the professional services you need at a price that works in your budget.

The Right Balance of Technology and Knowledge

The expertise and cost savings are only two reasons you may partner with a managed IT service provider. Whatever the reasons, knowing which MSP to choose can be tricky. One strategy is to research MSPs with a good balance of technology services and professional services. A good place to start that research is the MSPmentor Top 501 Managed Service Providers list.

The list is released yearly and scores MSPs on a balance of capabilities and offerings, but managed and professional services make up the bulk of the requirements. Advanced Network Solutions is proud to ranked in the MSPmentor Top 501 Managed Service Providers again this year.  Our standings jumped from #114 on the Global List last year to #108 this year. We’re also in the Top 100 for Managed IT Service Providers in North America. For you, that means we have the services and the knowledge you need to set your business apart.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you outpace your competition.